A Bubbly Bridal Cocktail Bar

By The Golden Girl

I can’t believe our wedding is in just a few weeks! The “getting ready” portion of the day is always one of my favorite parts (at least, it has been as a bridesmaid! I’m sure I will love it even more when I’m actually the bride!)

To get ready on our big day, Neal and I booked two terrace suites (one for the girls, one for the boys) in downtown Portland at the Sentinel Hotel – it’s absolutely stunning! We actually got adjoining rooms, each with beautiful outdoor terraces so our wedding party can go back and forth and hang out all together – we’ll be setting up a bloody mary bar in the boys’ room and a champagne bar in the girls’ room! (And don’t worry, Neal and I will not be going back and forth. Mr. Traditional says he doesn’t want to see me until later :-P)

I thought it would be fun to share with you my idea for this simple, but elegant champagne cocktail bar!

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