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Chloe Wines offer the structure and depth of exceptional fruit sourced from the world’s preeminent growing regions to create elegant wines with sophisticated intensity. Made for wine enthusiasts who appreciate all things extraordinary and timeless, the Chloe Wine Collection is crafted to inspire your own memorable occasions.

Meet Chloe

Ayca Revaz

Head Winemaker

Ayca grew up couple of hours away from one of Turkey’s popular winegrowing areas, Cappadocia. She was taught to appreciate wines from Turkey and Old-World winegrowing regions thanks to her father. Her interest in learning more about wine grew as she got older and led her to the path to focus on winemaking studies during her undergraduate education.

Ayca’s curiosity took her back to Cappadocia as an intern during her studies, this is where her curiosity turned into her life goal. Winemaking has become her passion from then on. Her passion for learning “How is wine made in the rest of the world?” turned her gaze to California.

During her search, Ayca got introduced to University of California Davis to partake in small-scale winemaking for graduate student projects during harvest time. While volunteering with UC- Davis, she got to explore California’s wine regions and Californian wines. Quickly after she realized that she had an affinity for cool-climate varieties. In the late fall, she left California with the love of cool-climate Chardonnay in her heart and went back home to complete her education.

In 2014 after graduating with her degree in Food Engineering from Middle East Technical University she could not wait to get back to California for another harvest. She landed a job making Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at a winery in Healdsburg, which only fueled her passion for making wine in California. That is when she set her sight on UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Master’s program. First, she took a job there as a researcher until finally She got admitted into the program in 2016.

Right after graduating with her master’s degree, she was approached by a big wine producer in California to work in their Central Coast quality department looking over finished wine quality and stability. Only couple of years after, an opportunity to make Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in one of the coolest regions of California, Monterey revealed itself to her. Working there for two years allowed Ayca to have a well-rounded experience in making highly acclaimed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir as an enologist/assistant winemaker.

Her previous experience and education have set Ayca up for success in her current role as a winemaker in The Wine Group. She is extremely excited to work with an incredibly talented group of winemakers and amazing operational and quality support system. Joining The Wine Group in the Central Coast, Ayca was immediately inspired by the exceptional quality of The Chloe Wine Collection. Taking over the role of becoming the winemaker for the Chloe Wine Collection has been a great honor for Ayca. She is thriving to celebrate, contribute and spread the success of The Chloe Wine Collection.

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