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Chloe Wines offer a portfolio of award-winning wines sourced from prized vineyards. Although the wines are classic in style, Chloe winemaker Acya Revaz crafts them to be elegant with a sophisticated intensity.

Just like the name Chloe which is Latin for “blooming,” all of the wines showcase unforgettable expressions of fragrant aromas and captivating layers of flavor. Elevate the occasion with wines that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Just like you.

Meet Chloe



Ayca grew up a couple of hours away from one of Turkey’s popular winegrowing areas, Cappadocia. She was taught to appreciate wines from Turkey and Old-World winegrowing regions thanks to her father. Her interest in learning more about wine grew as she got older and led her to focus on winemaking studies during her undergraduate education at Middle East Technical University.

After graduating, Ayca landed a job making Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at a winery in Healdsburg, which only fueled her passion for making wine in California. That is when she set her sights on UC Davis Viticulture and Enology Master’s program where she was admitted into the program in 2016.

After graduating with her master’s degree, Ayca worked for a big wine producer in California in their Central Coast quality department looking over finished wine quality and stability. She also had the opportunity to make highly acclaimed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in one of the coolest regions of California, Monterey.

Now as Chloe winemaker, Ayca crafts award-winning wines from some of the world’s most preeminent vineyards.

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