Beach Picnic With Chloe Wines

This post is sponsored by Chloe Wine Collection.

Can you even believe the weather is finally warming up? Warm weather truly gives me life! I'm so excited to get out of the house more with my little family and explore. I foresee lots of fun trips in our future this summer with lots of spring fashion and wine drinking.

Speaking of wine drinking, Shannon and I met up at Ocean Beach in San Francisco for a little picnic and girl time last weekend. I brought a couple bottles of Chloe Wwines and she packed a healthy and delicious brunch for us. We got to catch up and sip on some amazing wines! The fruit and sandwiches she brought paired so nicely with the wine I decided to bring too. We enjoyed a bottle of Chloe Prosecco together and both loved the notes of peach, green apple, citrus and floral. Perfection! I’m dying to try their Pinot Grigio too!

Did you know that Chloe offers custom labeling, too on their website? It’d be so fun to use them for personalized birthday gifts, upcoming weddings this summer or even a bachelorette party. Such a great way to make a girl feel special, and the best part is that they’re free!

Catching up with my girlfriends is so important to me and any day on the beach is the perfect day to me. Face to face time is hard to schedule sometimes as we get older and busier but thank goodness for girl time + wine time! Some of my favorite memories revolve around my ladies and our favorite wines.

Have you all tried Chloe Wines before? I’d love to hear your favorites below! If not, now you know the perfect bottle to grab next time you’re out shopping xo

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