Brunch 101: 4 Tips For A Classy Affair

Summer and sunshine are here, which means brunch is in the air. On a beautiful summer’s day, there’s nothing better than a refreshing glass of Chloe Wine Collection Prosecco or Pinot Grigio, delicious bites and a group of friends to celebrate the season.

The secret to hosting a perfectly iconic brunch is combining stylish dishes, effortless finesse, and glamorous cocktails to create an event your friends will be talking about for the rest of the year. Follow these expert tips to host your own special gathering:

1. Set the ambiance

The first thing to decide is how your brunch will look. For an elegant color palette, go with soft hues, or stick to minimalist colors. A palette such as black, white and gold work beautifully for this. When planning your décor and setting the tables, incorporate this color scheme into the details. Use it for centerpieces, napkins, dishes, candles, flowers, vases and even name cards. This consistency will tie together the whole look.

2. Be an expert host or hostess

Any seasoned host or hostess will tell you that the best brunches aren’t thrown together on a whim; they’re thoughtfully planned in advance. After selecting your guest list, create a trendy playlist to set the scene. Something that evokes summer will put everyone in a good mood and encourage conversation. Setting the brunch dishes out the night before — and even putting out the tables and chairs early — will help you keep your cool as guests are arriving. And be sure to greet them with a fresh brunch cocktail to sip while the party gathers.

3. Serve with elegance

If you serve delicate, artistic dishes, it’s a sure way to up the charm of your brunch. Plus, small bites will help keep the conversation flowing since the party won’t be weighed down with large dishes. Choose a selection of simple yet elegant bites, such as these options:

  • Yogurt parfaits: Fill fancy cocktail glasses with plain or flavored yogurt, layer with granola and top with refreshing fruits such as slivers of strawberries.
  • French toast bites: If you bake French toast rather than frying or grilling it, you can make a batch all at once and save yourself some time, so you can mingle with guests instead. Slice it into cubes that can be dipped into maple syrup.
  • Artful eggs: A simple yet classic dish like eggs can gain an aesthetic boost with the right arrangement. Try slicing hard-boiled eggs and artfully alternating them with smoked salmon and tiny jewels of caviar on a platter for a stunning presentation.
  • Seasonal fruit: Keep the menu light and nutritious by placing several fresh fruit cups along the table. The fruit can be a topping for other dishes or eaten alone. Try to slice and chill your fruit the night before.
  • Bruschetta platter: Set out an assortment of Italian-style bruschetta to make a fashionable impression on your table. Dust slices of baguette with olive oil before popping in the oven for a couple of minutes. Then set them out with toppings, such as tuna with feta cheese, marinated mushrooms or olive pate.

4. It’s not brunch without classy cocktails

Set up a mimosa or bellini bar with fresh strawberries or peaches, and an array of refreshing selections from Chloe Wine Collection. A crisp, sparkling wine such as Chloe Prosecco or a light, still wine such as Pinot Grigio are the perfect complements to a warm summer’s day, and add an instant touch of elegance.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the season’s bounties, keep a stylish selection of Chloe Wine on hand so you’re always prepared to toast a truly iconic moment with your friends.