Brunch with Chloe

by The City Blonde

One of the things I love most about living in San Francisco is the proximity to wine country and the access I have to some of the best wines in the world. It is not rare to spend weekends wine tasting with friends and family, or to try a new Rosé at brunch. There is a strong and passionate wine culture in this city that creates an unspoken, but powerful bond between wine glasses.

I can’t say I always understood what the hype was about. I wouldn’t have even known the difference between a Pinot Grigio and a Pinot Noir if you asked me 6 years ago. However, when I met my boyfriend nearly 7 years ago and was introduced to his big Italian family, I cherished the glasses we shared together and the memories we created with them.

My blog is a space where I share the things I love most. So naturally, I have been wanting to share my love for wine with you guys and introduce you to one of my all-time favorites, Chloe Wine Collection. …

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