Celebrating My 18th Friendaversary with Chloe Wines

Celebrating my 18th Friendaversary with Chloe Wines

This post was created in collaboration with Chloe wines

I am so lucky for so many reasons. I have a fulfilling career, an amazing husband, and I have had devoted and loving friends who have supported me throughout my life. When I reflect on my years with my best friend Emily, of course tears of happiness come first, but what comes second are flashbacks of our lifelong memories. Some of these memories include making boats out of tinfoil and sailing them through rainy puddles, basking in the sun on the beaches of Cape Cod, holding Emily as she dealt with the passing of her Grandmother, and her being by my side as I graduated college. Throughout life’s ups and downs we have remained loyal to each other. And no matter the distance between our friendship I know we will always be best friends.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to have my best friend Emily visit me from across the U.S. to celebrate our 18th Friendaversary. I live in Washington and she lives in Massachusetts. That is nearly 3,000 miles keeping us apart, but nothing a red eye can’t fix! During her visit to the Pacific Northwest we went chasing waterfalls, hiking mountains, driving on the beach, and finished off the trip with a visit to beautiful fields of tulips.

In honor of celebration, Emily and I had custom labels created by the Chloe Wine Collection for our Pinot Grigio and Prosecco bottles. Check out their custom labeling experience here – it’s free and super simple to do, and creates such an elegant touch to any occasion. The brand has delicious wines with light, spring varietals, and I really love the classic and minimal aesthetic of the bottles. Chloe Wines is my go-to choice for celebrating all things extraordinary, elegant and timeless. Named after the ancient word “blooming,” Chloe is known for its beautiful aromas and luxurious flavors, creating a rich experience with every sip. That is why the tulip fields make the perfect location for celebrating our 18th friendiversary! Blooming tulips, lots of smiles, and a little bubbly to top it off.

Thanks to Chloe wWines we celebrated 18 years of friendship with some Pinot Grigio and Prosecco. I’m 26 now, but it’s crazy to think that as little girls Emily moved down the street from me. Those were back in the days when you used to ring each other’s door bell when you wanted to play outside for hours. Fast forward 18 years and we are celebrating each other, and all the beautiful memories we created along the way.

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