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Chloe’s Winemaker Georgetta Dane
shares how her Godmother shaped her life

Growing up on a farm in rural Romania, my parents didn’t expect me to attend school for very long. There was plenty of work to do at home and girls didn’t always finish high school much less attend university. The trajectory of my life changed when we took in a boarder.

Veronica was an orphan who had been adopted by professors as a child. She was working as a teacher at our village school and rented a room from my grandparents. Over time she became part of our family and my Godmother. As I grew older, she saw a spark in me and told my mom that I deserved to continue my education. In fact, she named me Luminita, meaning “little light” (Georgetta is my middle name). Through her encouragement, I went on to finish high school and eventually moved into the city to attend University. Veronica let me stay with her during my high school years, exposing me to her many passions – literature, theater, fashion. I remember her apartment didn’t have a tv or radio, but books were stacked from floor to ceiling. During that time, I also came to appreciate how dearly loved she was by her students. There was something glamorous about her and she was highly intelligent, but I think what drew people to her was how encouraging she was. She built people up and gave them the confidence to pursue their own passions.

I graduated from high school and then went on to earn a Masters Degree in Food Science. I met my husband and we decided to move to the United States, each eventually finding our ways into the wine industry. I’ve been a part of many winemaking teams throughout my career and have had the privilege of creating and crafting Chloe Wine Collection since the very beginning in 2014.

Over the years, I traveled back to Romania many times to visit my parents and Veronica. She enjoyed hearing about my family, our lives in the United States and my career. Looking back, Veronica had a profound influence on the arc of my life and who I’ve become. She instilled in me a deep sense that I was capable and deserving of opportunity and I relied on that confidence every step of the way. She was an incredible woman and I am so grateful to have had her in my life.

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