Make This Summer Fantastic: Here’s How

Summer is unarguably the season of relaxing. From patio parties to poolside lounging, this is the time to give yourself a much-needed break. But are you giving yourself everything you need? While they may seem like unnecessary indulgences, the little luxuries in life can be surprisingly important for your R&R and well-being. This year, opt to lavish yourself with a few of these minor indulgences. You deserve it!

1. Make Time For a Spa Day

The combination of summer heat and humidity can put a definite damper on your vibe, so make time for self-care rituals, which will help you feel not only refreshed but also mentally rejuvenated. A favorite option (for a good reason) is to totally indulge at a local spa. Or, for a mini-indulgence at home, give yourself a mani-pedi and slather your skin in a yummy face mask. Taking time for yourself is basic, but it can offer boundless rewards for your mental health.

2. Invite Friends Over and Show Off Your Hostess Skills

If you’ve had enough me-time, take advantage of the long summer days and find an excuse to host a party or even just a small get-together of your besties. Admire that new painting you just purchased, or break in the new heat lamps on the patio. They’ll be all the more enjoyable with the company of friends, so invite guests over for hors d’oeuvres and drinks. The crisp and refreshing Chloe® Rosé is a perfect companion for warm summer nights, and just opening a bottle is an occasion to invite friends over.

3. Hire a Chef to Cook a Delicious Meal

Want to really impress your friends? Hire the best in the business to treat you and your squad from the comfort of your own home. Let them do all the work while you kick back and enjoy that glass of Chloe Rosé on the porch.

4. Upgrade Your Sandals

Still trotting around in last season’s slip-ons? The warm weather is a perfect reason to upgrade to a sleek new pair and toss the old ones. In addition to style points, your feet will thank you — worn-out soles don’t do your feet any favors when you’re logging long days in sandals. (Plus, you can show off that pedi you gave yourself earlier).

5. Plan a Girls’ Getaway

Okay, this one may be a bit more ambitious, but it’s well worth it. Booking a weekend away for you and the girls is a tried-and-true way to celebrate summer. Keep it simple: book a vacation rental by a body of water (pool, lake, ocean — as long as there’s H20). Then make sure you’ve got a cooler full of food and a few bottles of Chloe wine (the Rosé will be stellar for this). Good times and good wine with friends is the simplest recipe for summertime happiness.

6. Get Yourself Fresh Flowers

It may seem simple, but a few well-placed flowers can lend a magnificent boost to your health. And who doesn’t love a vase of fresh-cut flowers to brighten up the house in the summer months? Pamper yourself with a cheerful bouquet of sunflowers or dahlias, both of which love the summer heat.

7. Spoil Yourself With Something Elegant

Have you been eyeing some luxurious sheets or a beautiful new set of wine glasses? Go for it! Nothing feels better than giving in to temptation now and then, especially when it’s something that makes you feel like a queen. You deserve to reward yourself, and sometimes the finer things in life are exactly what the doctor ordered.