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Jordana Fleischut, Nantucket, MA
Sommelier | Wine Director

Jordana Fleischut My hero is my mother! Overcoming it all to create an amazing, beautiful, and full life through service. Truly a miracle in human form. Born with a rare bone disease that landed her in the hospital from age 9-16, where they studied her like a dog. It was terrible and had the horror stories to prove it. But instead of it making her bitter, it made her better.

She studied hard, caught up to graduate with honors. Became the president of the Chamber and promoted the Finger lakes. She started the Seneca Lake Wine Association, unifying struggling growers. While promoting the area to tourists to create tax dollars, and services for the area. She sent herself to College. Met my dad fell in love and wanted, more than anything, to have children. All the doctors told her it was inconceivable. But she listened to her heart. It took eight years to become pregnant. Knowing it could kill her, she faithfully persevered. She told me she knew in her heart she would have children. As that was her dream, and after all those years of torture she earned her dream.

She saw the light, not the darkness. The joy, not the pain. She said, “What you give your attention too will grow, so be sure you focus it positively. “I was born with a huge crack in my skull, with a 1/64-inch layer of casing separating me from permanent brain damage. Told not to name me, at 4 pounds, 3 oz, and 12 inches I was surly not staying long in this world. I would clench my fists so tight they would cause my hands to bleed. After two months, I became Jordana the magnificent, and began to grow and thrive. My head was beginning to heal. Despite any medical science to back it up, I was staying! Doctors came from near and wide to get a look at me, there were lotteries for my multiple head surgeries. Yet I survived! That same tenacious guidance and love displayed in manifesting my life. Spilled over into raising me and my brother. Yes! Four years later, she mystified every doctor in the country. Soon after she got breast cancer and endured a double mastectomy, and shortly after, a painful divorce. Again, she persevered, “It’s never too late to recreate yourself.” And created “Rides for a Cure”, matching up seniors who drive with cancer patients that need transport. It became the national model, and she was honored on the world’s stage.

She taught through example to show up and to demand a lot from yourself, as anything is possible and the most important thing anyone can do is to help another. “Pull people up with your heart and if you’re not happy than you’re not doing it right.” I still clench my fists as I carry those lessons in my heart with every person I encounter. Always striving to be happy while pulling up those around me so they may see their magnificence too.

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