The Prettiest Prosecco Cocktail for Brunch

Chloe Prosecco

By Lakeshore Lady

Any prosecco fans out there?! Yup, me too! Which is why I loved partnering with Chloe Wine Collection to bring you this sophisticated prosecco cocktail! As you can see, I decided to make it for brunch, but the beauty of this bubbly drink is that it works for so much more than that. With only 3 ingredients, it’s super easy – but it also feels really fancy! How much would your friends love this at a bridal shower or birthday celebration? Yes, please!

All you need is Chloe Prosecco, raspberry liquor and blackberries. The raspberry liquor adds a ton of flavor to the cocktail. All you need is a little bit to really compliment the peach and apple flavors of the prosecco. So simple and so delicious!…

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